Ulzakie, the Vigilant

Sentry in the Treetop Watch


Tall, slender lizardfolk with a powerful tail. Grey and yellow scales. Wears exotic, civilised clothing. Piercing golden eyes that are always looking around for trouble.


Ulzakie is not especially well-known in Capitol, despite her distinctive mannerisms and wardrobe. She has spent much of her life in the lands to the north of the Amadochi Swamp, collecting information about the area and keeping tabs on the settlement of Forbaston. Since the Caustic King’s awakening, she has returned to Capitol and joined the Treetop Watch, though she does not approve of how Tilikut has grown complacent. Though the city has been kept safe by the nets, an early warning of the invaders from the south may have been possible had a more thorough sentry been organised. The Warmaw has identified that her skills of perception and infiltration would be particularly useful in confronting the gnolls, and so he has named her as one of his Fangs.

Ulzakie, the Vigilant

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