Qitszo, the Wordbearer

Faithful of the God Dragon Mirrgat


Slim, wiry lizardfolk who caries a perpetual air of pride about him. Scales are dull green with sandy patches. Seldom seen without his spear, adorned with an icon of the Caustic King.


Most commonly seen wandering the temple, many would argue that Qitszo is more devout even than Elder Skillen. Whilst the high priest busies himself with the affairs of his people and Mirrgat in equal measure, Qitszo is single-minded in his worship of the God Dragon. His preaching puts him at odds with many of the traditionalists in Capitol, not least Mother, who has strongly inferred that Qitszo is not welcome within the groves she tends. Ashgork has selected him as one of his fangs to help instil courage and keep morale boosted high amongst the troops.

Qitszo, the Wordbearer

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