Brok, the Implacable

Venerable war veteran


A hulking brute of a lizardfolk built like a slab of granite. Deep blue scales with red flecks. Noticeable scarring across his right eye. Fights with a distinctive, very large spiked shield made of stone.


Brok is also known by his full name Brokuulluxl, which is difficult to pronounce even by lizardfolk standards. Many of the older residents of Capitol remember him from his heyday – an impressive and ferocious combatant who served well in the ranks of the Amadochi army. However, Brok was blinded in one eye during a battle due to his recklessness. The experience cowed him, and the once headstrong warrior is now cold and dispassionate. Whilst Brok has been held back from travelling to fight at the Bang Fang due to his longstanding injury, the Warmaw has identified the power this ageing warrior still has, particularly as a bodyguard.

Brok, the Implacable

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