General Thriskorn, the Tactician

Amadochi General currently lacking an army


Tall and powerfully built lizardfolk. Dark green scales. Heavilly armoured at all times. Verging on serpentine features. Body language consistently appearing ready for aggression.


The only remaining general of the Amadochi legions not currently engaged with the Bang Fang. He resents being held back to await the return of the Dreaming Legion and wants nothing more than to charge headlong into the enemies of his people. Despite a gruff and barbaric manner, he is kind hearted when it comes to his own. He deeply loves his people and would do anything, including whole scale genocide, to secure their future. He has his misgivings about Mirrgat, seeing him as more of a temperamental patron than an all powerful god being. Often butts heads with Skillen but is duty bound to defer to the Elder.

General Thriskorn, the Tactician

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