Elder Skillen

High Elder of the Amadochi Tribe


An aged, frail lizardfolk. Adorned in the trappings and trinkets of his position. Crocodilian features. Pale pink scales.


The spiritual leader of Capitol and High Priest of the Dark Lord throughout the Amadochi swamp. Skillen is humbled by his position and a lizard of little pride. He feels a deep duty, both to his people and to his liege lord. He believes absolutely in Mirrgat’s power to keep his people safe and has nothing but gratitude for what the Wyrm has done for them so far. He is fervent in his belief that the Caustic King is a being of demigod power at this point, seeing his own clerical magic as directly imparted by the dragon. The Bang Fang problem weighs on him as he has been adviser to the generals that have thus far met only with huge losses of life and abject failure during their campaign and continue to lose ground to the invaders by the day.

Elder Skillen

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