For fifty years, since the very day of the Breaking, the Caustic King has slept. In that time his servants have kept the lands that he granted them: the Amadochi with their swamp to the South East where the Dreaming Forest once stood and the Darkling Teeth with their cavernous strongholds in the Western Shiverspine Mountains. They have been careful stewards of their territories and the Wyrm, upon waking, is well pleased.

Having put down the attempt on his life, perpetrated by the dwarf and his fellows, he is surprised to see that agreements have been broken. Having forced Ironblood to swear fealty to him and remain an agent within the town of Veilfen, Mirrgat gave him the mission to prevent southward expansion and yet the town of Forbaston exists hundreds of miles further south than it should. This displeases Mirrgat.

Problems have arisen besides the treacherous dwarf though. Far to the south of the Amadochi Swamp, new powers are attempting to make a foothold. Mirrgat has long been aware of the strange, volatile substance that exists in the depths of the Shiverspine Mountains but now it seems that its presence is driving a force from Souniss, a loose collection of monstrous warbands calling themselves the Powder Hunt. Currently, the Bang Fang gnolls are encamped on the south eastern tip of his dominion, consolidating a push into the swamp to clear a path to the mountains in the north whilst a warband of goblins, the Black Flames, somehow slipped quietly through the swamp and are making steady progress to their goal. This displeases Mirrgat.

The war that he tasked the Darkling Teeth with carrying out has ground to a near halt. Progress from their caverns in the Shiverspine towards the Forest of Myths where the last of the Verdant dwell has been slow. Whilst the Darklings are loyal, they are far from tactical geniuses and have been harried at every turn by the more wiley elven forces. Through sheer weight of numbers, they now sit on the forest’s border, having finished construction of their stronghold, Fort DunDunDun, that will be their staging post for the coming war proper. The victory that he had yearned for over his most hated foes, that had been the Darkling’s single goal, is still far off in the future. This displeases Mirrgat.

Thusly disappointed by the situation he finds himself and his minions occupying, Mirrgat has summoned the forces from the Poisoned Lands around his dread Fortress of Bile and set about consolidating his base of power. The city of Tresith, the massive garrison come trading hub that his people flocked to during his active rule, is coming back to life as word of his awakening circulates. He still has his secrets, his closely leashed pets and loyal subjects. He is ready to reassert himself as the dominant force upon the Ragged Edge, this time laying waste to the remainder of his opposition.